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  1. Tom Snelman Reply

    What is you experience/recommendations with sonic anemometers versus standard wind sensors? Are there any environmental limitations with sonic anemometers (how well do they perform in very cold or wet environments)?


    • casey Reply


      While the idea of a sonic anemometer is appealing, our experience has shown very unreliable performance especially in wet environments.
      Even dust can skew measurements if present on or around the sensor probe tips. Additionally, it is extremely hard if not impossible to verify accurate response.
      We have always recommended to our clientele a direct measurement strategy. While maintenance is a slight consideration, direct measurement with a mechanical anemometer will produce accurate, verifiable results.

      • Tom Snelman Reply


        Thanks. In lieu of sonics what sensors have very good low end accuracy? By low end I mean less than 1 mph. Seems like most regulatory sensors have starting thresholds near that level.


  2. Casey Lenhart Reply


    The RM Young model 05-305, or the Climatronics F460 series sensors are most commonly used in PSD monitoring, although the Met One 010 and 020 sensors also meet PSD specifications. They all have their specific nuances, but are all superb.


    I would request your definitin of “too expensive”. The appeal of the Davis system is that it is ccomplete and inexpensive. I think the cost of the entire Davis system would nearly equal that of only a few components of any other. However, service options and accuracy make this system inadequate for regulated programs.

  3. tree sap Reply

    I would like to install a replacement for my Davis weather station that is not too expensive but still very accurate. Do you have anyn suggestions?

  4. Bill Hiller Reply

    What is the best wind monitoring sesnor for an industrial application in a windy environment. I am looking for a sensor that is also easy to service and meets PSD specifications.


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