Technical Staff

The technical staff at MSI/Trinity is made up of meteorologists, air quality scientists, and computer programmers. We have two primary divisions at MSI/Trinity; air quality and applied meteorology. Our air quality division provides meteorological and ambient monitoring, dispersion modeling and permitting services to a wide range industries including military bases; coal, gold, potash, copper, and beryllium mines; international airports; hospitals; hazardous waste and medical incinerators; hazardous waste storage facilities; power generation facilities; oil and gas facilities and distribution terminals; pharmaceutical; cement & aggregate; aerospace and mineral product facilities.

Our applied meteorological division provides computer programming support, data management, field research studies, instrumentation development, forecast services, climatological studies, expert testimony, forensic meteorology, detailed storm analyses including calibration of NEXRAD data to produce storm-specific isohyetal contours, and data reformatting for use with dispersion models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF.