Corporate Philosophy

The name of our company was chosen carefully and embodies our underlying corporate philosophy. We listen to our clients to understand their air quality and meteorological concerns and needs and then work with them to produce solutions. Once we understand our clients’ requirements we can utilize our experienced staff and resources to solve their air quality and meteorological problems.

At Meteorological Solutions Inc. (MSI) we believe the art of listening and understanding is the foundation of a good consulting relationship. We work closely with our clients, beginning with the specifications in the proposal and continuing through to the timely delivery of our services. At MSI, we have the vision and experience to handle jobs of any size and the diligence to provide routine services with appropriate attention to detail. We have structured MSI to maintain low overhead costs while at the same time providing our clients with responsive, high quality consulting services. At MSI, we realize that our company exists because of our clients, therefore we strive to provide the best consulting services available to them.

Our Mission

To be “the” preeminent air quality engineering firm in the United States
with focus on total customer satisfaction through innovation,
while providing a stimulating and challenging work
environment for our employees…